Monday, August 31, 2009

Mondo Macabro - Fantasy Films of Indonesia -Indonesian Exploitation Flics of the 70s and 80s

"Sex and the simple behavior of movie folks, hit the headlines. A clampdown on sleaze led to a glut of horror films, plum full of gore and gruesomeness...these [films] hit the "western audiences with a melange of weird witchcraft, mystical martial arts and geezers of gushing gore..."

Another shout out to Pieto on pointing out this documentary on one of my favorite genres.

"I am El Badrun! AHAHAHAHA!" Love that delivery. But anyways, I still get sentimental over puttering Tuk-Tuks. The main lesson here, though, is beware of the South Sea Queen or at least have fun while you're down there.

One important sociological note: Having spent some time in Southeast Asia, the belief in and practice of magic is still held in deep regard not just by villagers as this film suggests, but the ruling class. I hope to cover some of these practices in a future post.

But back to the film, this documentary is but a special on the recommended Virgins From Hell. "Our warriors will prove to you, that by working together, we can rule the whole earth. We shall rule the world, according to our own methods!"

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