Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pieto Weeps for Eurotrash Utility Belt

Pieto the Media Ecologist runs quite the fascinating cultural tumblr, especially if your interests are like EuroTrashUtilityBelt's. He is a media scholar at University of Pittsburg, a lover of both the Situationists and meatball sandwiches and I've been gushing over his finds for some time. Here's a few euro-related posts (he has many other likes/types of posts as well) courtesy of Pieto. Grazie!

and with a feature on BabaYaga! don't say...

Finally, for the academically minded ones in blogoland (and via Pieto) here is Dr. Bridgid Cherry's lecture "Beyond Suspiria: The Place of European Horror Cinema in the Fan Canon"

UPDATE: Pieto Loves it!

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