Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tempus Fugit Part One by Gray Lyda - The Alien Origins to Human Life - from Star *Reach #11 (see comments for creator's update)

The ritual of cleaning out one's desk can lead to some very strange discoveries. Today's post is but one of them. "Star*Reach" Comics was published back in the late 70s out of Hayward, California. If you've ever been to Hayward, well let's just say, you are glad when you've left it. Star *Reach was a compilation comic of various sci-fi and fantasy artists/writers compiled by editor Mike Friedrich. "Tempus Fugit" stood out the most in this issue and drew parallels to the AAT (Ancient Astronaut Theory) work over at the Secret Sun and the out-there tome, on our de-evolution from the original divine state,Human Devolution: a Vedic alternative to Darwin's theory.

In the Tempus Story, we see a group of humaniods crash a classic UFO style ship into an unknown planet, one that is surrounded by many different stars. The atmosphere there begins to turn two of the group into "Grey" beings while another enters, quite naturally, into a meditative deep trance. The remaining crew, before their total transformation into helpless infantile 'aliens' discover they are actually on planet earth. The illuminated Eniram Artlu, becomes one with the changing elements of the planet, perhaps waiting to meet and guide humanity as it emerges from the cosmic soup?

It will take some authentic crate digging to find the other 3 issues of this story. But as an open call to anyone out there in the blogosphere, what happened to this comic and its Editor?

Align Centerprefiguring Donnie Darko's bunny by decades?

9/15/09 UPDATE:
Gray Lyda, writer and artist for "Tempus" has left some very interesting comments and links regarding where he is now, etc. Check it out in the comments section. Thanks, Gray!


Eons One said...

I believe I have a few issues of this series. Will hit the boxes and check.

Sydney Familiar said...

word up! let me know.

Eons One said...

no dice.

Sydney Familiar said...


Grady said...

Hi Sydney! Actually, I wrote and illustrated the "Tempus Fugit" series. Nice job with the scans of the pages. Thanks!

This first episode in "Star*Reach #11" was the beginning of a 53-page time travel epic, which was continued in issues 13, 14 and 15. I turned the graphic novel into a screenplay which can be found on my blog:

I like your interpretation of this first episode as a stand-alone tale about ancient astronauts, but there was a bit more to the story than that.

BTW, the first comic I had published in Star*Reach was “Out of Space, Out of Time” in issue #6. I changed it to “The STAR Boundary” and added color to it. You can find it here:

Let me know what you think… Cheers, Gray Lyda

PS: As for the history of Star*Reach and its Editor Mike Friedrich, go here:

Sydney Familiar said...

Wow, seems like my dream of a "where-are-they-now" comic edition has come to life. Thank you Gray for the comments and all the links. I am honored that you paid me a visit!

I recommend anyone who was interested in my "Tempus Fugit" post to follow up the story (fourteen chapters now, eh?) on The Random Opportunities blogspot. Also the sci-fi comic on Mastering the internet is just real purdy. The link to the interview with Friedrich is quite a data dump. I had no idea of Star*Reach's history (and lineage connection to the big comic publishing houses). Ah, the greatness of the internets.

Interesting stuff you are still doing, Gray. You shopping out any of your screen plays? What are you doing at Disney? Where you the guy that made 'em buy Marvel?!

Grady said...
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Grady said...

Hey there Sydney. Wanted to let you know I got some work done on a new site about Star*Reach and my stories: Tempus Fugitives, The Graphic Novel. I have a book with a newer version of "Tempus Fugit" Part 1, and if you'd like to see more Parts (free of charge), send me an email at Grady and I will link you up. Thanks!

Sydney Familiar said...

Grady,the new and improved work looks GREAT! Looking forward to learn the whole story. Will the first issue continue to be a free download? Perfect price for the rest.

Grady said...

Hi! Yes, "Mission 1" will be free as a sample of the rest of the stories. The final books will be up soon -- I will let you know. I am looking forward to your impressions about "Mission 2." Keep up the good works!