Friday, December 19, 2008

SATAN'S BLOOD aka Escalofrio

SATAN'S BLOOD or ESCALOFRIO is an excellent Spanish EuroTrash Horror flic from 1977. Although many copies exist, the Mondo Macabro version has some outstanding features. The documentary on 20th Century Satanism with Church of Satan priest Gavin Baddeley is worth the price of admission alone!

Opening with a Black Mass done by a look-a-like of Eliphas Levi performing ritual sex on a voluptuous woman, we are in store for a creepy ride. We meet the listless Andy and his expecting wife Annie who thirst for some adventure. Their unconscious dark yearning magnetically leads them to a run-in with some "old friends", Bruno and Mary, who invite the couple to drinks at their house...

And what could go wrong at a house that looks like that? Well, maybe a little Ouija game gone wrong, confessions of infidelity and suicide attempts and there is that exploding painting of Jesus that leads to the rest....

Invitation to a Satanic Orgy

Prepping the Vessel


a succubus dream...

just fyi, she's holding a dagger.

not your average round table get-together.

Mary compels you to lust after Satan's Blood

{one final note- the devil-worshiping aspect of Satanism can be viewed as a bourgeois embodiment of the Manichean heresy. Thematically, the naming of the female antagonist as Mary is a definite nod to this ancient Bizzaro world-view. }

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