Saturday, August 20, 2016

Have utility belt, will travel

AKA Scourging through my cobwebbed mental filing system to do a self-referential archeology of Utility Belts

The OCD probably first kicked off with Data from the Goonies. Running around with some friends on BMX bikes in what seemed like eternal summers while thinking about how to properly gear up for that one adventure that could just be around the corner. Man.

Or was it the 60s Batman TV series that seemed to always be on KOFY TV 20.

Now those were heedy days - my "puffed-on" internal rewinds turn up fuzzy memories of foggy mornings, afternoon creek sneaky creeps avoiding older kids who want to beat you up and nights of of pre-cable TV tunings. Memories like when my friend and I both bought some old Radio Shack walki-talkis and tried to talk each other from 5 miles away. I was on a hill and he was below and we coordinated a contact time with us facing each other.

Didn't work.

sometimes dr.jean scott would come through the boob tube static

But a few years later it was the great Bob Burden's Flaming Carrot whose belt deconstructed my understanding of utility belts from just practical and cool to weird, wild and untamed surrealism.

 Somewhere along the way utility belts became just your EDC, the basics that leave you prepared more than just that govt tracking device you always carry (which you should be smart enough to leave behind if SHTF). As one unwittingly drifts into prepper culture you kinda have an idea of what you need to fuck stuff up however keeping FC's insights in mind, still have some fun with what you pack...IT COULD DAMN WELL SAVE YOUR LIFE.

But rather than opt for a manbag - a space pen, a gerber shard, various pocket knives to choose from, a fenix flashlight, a small lighter is about all you need. It all fits pretty easy onto a keychain and the rest into your pocket. If you are in a car, then pack some stuff to get you over a night and through a fence or two.

When it comes down to utility belts/EDC/gear, etc, there is nothing more helpful than knowing how to use your stuff. A few knots, how to start fire, how to make camp, how to snare, some E and E.

I guess it is still waiting for that adventure that could just be around the corner.

So here's hot chicks in utility belts... because... it is required by law.

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