Friday, April 17, 2009

Dystopia - Human = Garbage

Dystopia and their album "Human = Garbage" is one of those classic underground pieces where the content (the destruction of nature, drug wars, the evils of money) continues to become more true, more real, everyday. I will never forget driving up to Gillman St., getting drunk on King Cobra in the parking lot, taking pisses on the old abandoned house down the block, and then ducking when the cops came. Like an eerie silent movie scene, when the mass of figures in black crept into the side door, then you knew the ritual was to begin. Time to hear the call that was Dystopia's stoned crusty doom punk, an invitation to basking in the dionysian glory, the prophetic knowledge, of western capitalism's final collapse.

The following video is from the heyday of 1996, same time period as the flyer above.

"Hands That Mold"

" and build and build some more. Industry fucks nature, like some kind of whore."

Accept & Download "Human = Garbage"


Mentes Podridas said...

the best fuckin dam disc, that i've heard in my fucking life

Sydney Familiar said...

hell yeah. so many crazy memories attached to this, seeing them live in a basement in oakland and falling backwards through a window was one of them.