Thursday, March 5, 2009

[Indo] European Protection Mantra for 2009

Things are getting rough out there and even gurus in India know it. During the 24 hour Shivaratri meditation in late February, nada yoga master Sri Swamiji gave this mantra he received from Shiva to protect devotees from economic –and- whatever else collapse in 2009. And like Mola Ram learned, you better not betray Shiva.

If you are a reader of this page, the probability is high that you don’t have an "abhyasa" of good repute. Hell, I don’t. Ergo, I can recommend putting this track on repeat in your media player, relaxing on the faux tiger skin rug with some ganja in the hookah and a delightfully deviant mistress (channeling the title header of the Lazy World of Arthur Ignatowski here), engage in some hardcore tantric sex for 24 hours and see what happens. That’s just how EurotrashUtilityBelt rolls.

As a service to you, I will transliterate/translate the mantra using my extensive knowledge of Sanskrit gained from my travels in the East as an intelligence agent.

OM Eim Hrim Shrim ShivaRama Anagha Dattaya Namaha

OM (the sound of the ajana or brow center – dissolving apparent dualities) - I hail and salute the principle of intelligence/creativity (Eim), the seeing through the illusion of this reality, attracting abundance of all kinds, and call Shiva and Rama's power along with the One without sin.

the best reason to sign up for yoga class


You probably guessed it: the only way I could make this post relevant to the theme of the page is to basically say yes, this European, Indo European that is! and of course, pictures of hot chicks always helps.

Thanks to a reader of Eurotrash and LedgerGermane who forwarded this to the office in the spirit of helping out. I need my hookah back now, dude.

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